Being messy

I’m baking chocolate chip cookies this afternoon and freezing them as fast as I can. Who isn’t tempted to consume warm cookies right out of the oven? Brent, Becky and Austyn Grace visit here next week and then we’ll eat those thawed confections together. Since all the Wolfes like underbaked cookies, the first batch out of the oven can be little more than warmed dough. Getting those gooey morsels just right requires a balance somewhere between softness that would make the Keebler elves ashamed of their hard crunchy cookies and globs of amorphous dough that break apart. The underbaked cookies taste great, but they sure create sticky hands and poor looking specimens that the Iron Chef would banish from his kitchen.
Another messy scene occurred when we went to Brewster’s in Statesboro, GA. There, Austyn Grace got a baby ice cream cone for her second birthday. She devoured that thing with relish and wore about as much as she ate. We laughed, she giggled, and the two dogs we had with us tried to lick Austyn Grace to pieces.
Somehow I wish the messes I can get into were as inconsequential and as humorous as cookies and ice cream. But as adults we realize that some personal interactions, poor financial or career choices, or unexplainable life situations leave messes in their wake that have no easy answers or quick remedies. Cleaning up after cookie baking or ice cream spills is far easier. Nevertheless, I do clean up kitchen catastrophes and wash toddler clothing. Can I do any less with the other messes? Cleaning up will take more time and work, and humor will not usually hallmark them, but those clean-ups can have far-reaching repercussions for good in my character. Hmmmmm. That’ll give me something to ponder as I do the dishes.


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