Beyond the rain

This summer Garrett County is about 36 shades of green, due in large part to all the precipitation we’ve had. When I checked the rain gauge this morning, it registered 2 1/2 inches. Now, if arthritis and rheumatism grace your bones and joints, endless forecasts for rain do not make you smile.However, late yesterday afternoon the skies cleared and today dawned in pristine beauty. The sun came out, the temperature warmed to about 78 degrees, and the skies offered white puffy clouds dotting a cerulean background. Ah, summer at it finest. The persistent rains of the last four months evaporated in my mind and I read, baked banana bread, played with the dog and went to Friendsville Days with my husband.
The wind of the Spirit always blows in the midst of difficulties, but I often don’t realize it until the sun comes out again. For some of life’s hardest questions, full sunshine may not occur in this world. I think of one of my friends who, in these last stages of MS, struggles to move a few facial muscles to communicate, or another friend who works tirelessly to get the best educational placement for her son with CP. Following Jesus Christ does not exempt Christians from suffering. So how do we hope if the rains seem to fall endlessly? Our faith rests in a sovereign God who exists in rain and sun, trial and triumph. That is what Francis Schaeffer called “true truth.” And what I know must precede what I feel. Seeing God in life’s deluges can blind us temporarily, but He is in the storm, steadying us and offering to shelter us under His wings. It’s the only place to find calm in the midst of the tempest. When the sun comes out, and it will, you’ll know how you weathered the rain.


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