Blue Ribbon Service

This last week Dave and I drove to Morgantown, WV to shop on Wednesday, and went to the Garrett County Fair on Thursday. If I could, I’d give a blue ribbon from the fair to Cheddar’s, the restaurant in WV. The reason? Old fashioned customer service! Dave and I had never eaten at Cheddar’s, but we decided to try it.
Shortly after the hostess seated us, she returned to our table. “Is that Jeep Cherokee in the handicapped spot yours? I’m sorry to tell you this, but judging from the steam pouring out from under the hood, it looks like you’ve blown a radiator hose. When you’re ready to take care of it, let me know and I’ll get someone to help.”
Dave checked it out and came back to eat before tackling the radiator hose repair. He noted that the hostess had matched the Jeep with us despite the fact that two Jeep Cherokees occupied side-by-side handicapped spaces. And true to her word, she got an assistant manager when Dave finished eating.
Chuck took Dave to the local auto parts’ store, waited until Dave purchased the hose and a few tools (Any other time his tools would be in the Jeep, but not that day!), and drove the two of them back to Cheddar’s. As Dave completed the repair and added more coolant, Chuck came outside and asked if he could offer help in any other way.
We pulled out of the parking lot, thankful that we’d not had the break down on I 79, and marveling about the service we’d just received. And, yes, Cheddar’s won over two new customers that day with their blue ribbon service.


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