Traveling Grandma’s Thoughts

My friend Irene started calling me “Traveler” when Dave and I moved out here to the woods almost ten months ago. The name fits, not because Dave and I globe trot to China and exotic ports of call, but because our trips take us to Georgia and Florida to see our grown guys, their wives, and our two-year-old granddaughter.
Our adventurous sons moved out of Maryland to pursue grad school and jobs. We enjoyed each phase with Brent and Bryan, especially the teen years. By the time they had finished college, we had transitioned to adult friends. We still love to spend time together, whether we do something like spot gators in the Everglades or just hang out and watch a DVD. Happily, both guys married women who like us, and the two-year-old charmer named Austyn Grace won our hearts immediately.
The dryer’s hum and the appearance of suitcases on our bed mean we will head out tomorrow morning with a first stop in Augusta to see Vickie and DeWayne Davenport. Zeus, Bryan and Stacey’s dog, will make the trip with us, and then fly to Hawaii on September 5th to join Bryan and Stacey at their new home. That means we are packing dog food, toys, shampoo, leashes and crate, along with our clothing for temperatures almost 40 degrees warmer than here in our woods. I also have homemade cookies and things Austyn Grace left here during her last visit. The packing presents a daunting task.
As the logistics of this trip began to boggle my mind, I thought of the trip made on my behalf over two centuries ago. Making that journey, enshrined in a virgin’s womb, meant giving up heaven for earth, walking beside faithless humans, shedding infinite mobility for entrapment in flesh and blood, and offering up that flesh and blood in the world’s most heinous execution. That trip, made out of unfathomable, unconditional love, truly demonstrates God’s grace to His world. With a thankful heart, I returned to my simple packing task, mindful of One who came for me.


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