Around 8:30 tonight, as Brent, Becky, Dave and I sat in the living room, engrossed in reading Austyn Grace her bedtime story, Uncle Bryan walked up to the front door. Although Aunt Stacey is working in Honolulu, Uncle Bryan drove here after having just worked three weeks in Miami….their work life is complicated to say the least! The six of us together at one time constitutes a mini-Wolfe family reunion because we seven live in three different states — Maryland, Georgia and Hawaii!

But our hugs had to wait for something else. You see, the most exuberant reunion occurred between Bryan and his dog Zeus! Taking a photo proved impossible as the Husky mix went ballistic, bounding over pillows, then over the back of the sofa. She wanted to launch her 40+ pounds right into Bryan’s arms. With each pass through the living room, she gathered speed and excitement. Her shepherd ears lay plastered against her head as she could barely contain her joy. We laughed, gasped, and held on lest we get knocked off our feet as we witnessed the love displayed at the sight of dog and master reunited.

Tonight I caught a tiny glimpse of the indescribable delight that lies ahead in our most important reunion. Yes, I’ll be excited to see many family and friends in heaven, but I will express total joy in ways I can only imagine when the Master welcomes me home.


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