Saying Goodbye

OK, so Zeus is only a dog, but Dave and I had to say goodbye to her yesterday. And I had grown attached to that pooch. We’d been dog sitting for her since July 2, and she is an easy dog to love, not perfect, but lovable. Now understand that she had “broken us in” by chewing a few heirloom photos that Dave hadn’t yet scanned into his genealogy program Then she decided to chew off the cover of an album I had created as a remembrance of our 2004 trip to Hawaii. At least Zeus knew where she would eventually live.
Dave and I took two road trips with this travel-wise canine. She ate before and after the 11-hour journeys, drank sparingly, and used any patch of grass Dave found near the gas stations and restaurants we chose. She curled herself up on the back seat and rode contentedly. Not much barking at strangers and unbelievably tolerant of children, Zeus wasn’t much bother for us at all.
Brent and Becky drove Zeus to Atlanta yesterday and put her on a cargo plane this morning, a non-stop flight to Honolulu where she’ll rejoin Bryan and Stacey at their new home. Actually, Bryan’s stuck in Dallas as I write, but he hopes to get home sometime before this day ends–on Hawaii time!
Zeus may teach me some things about saying good-bye. Life asks that I live graciously toward all I encounter. Rejoice in the time we have together but trust that God has each encounter and destination well in His control. Thanks for the lesson, Zeus. I hope to see you in Hawaii one day!


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