Holiday Happiness

A few days ago Little Stuff and Grandma started to work on a ginbgerbread house as a surprise for Mommy and Daddy when they returned from Florida. This Grandma’s idea of fun involved making things instead of hitting the mall with many other holiday shoppers. Given my inability to get around, the vast majority of my shopping happens via the Internet anyway.
Armed with the “everything you will need” gingerbread house, we started what would turned into a three-day project. Thankfully, time doesn’t bind retirees or toddlers, so we worked for a while and then stopped, planning to resume another day. Most of my time went into attempting to control Little Stuff’s sugar consumption! Sprinkles, red and green peppermint swirls, rainbow-colored dots, frosting, gum drops, and confectionery sugar kept her tasting as we went along. I loved her laughter, her licking my fingers, and the memory making! In this season of giving thanks, I still tell the Lord thank you for the simple things that involve telling the next generation about Jesus by spending time with them inside and outside church.

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