Happy Turkey Day!

“Thanksgiving Spirit” doesn’t have the Madison Avenue ring of “Christmas Spirit,” and for that, I am thankful! Yet Thanksgiving Spirit has a warmth that will, hopefully, escape the advertising mogels for years to come. So Happy Turley Day, as Little Stuff’s dress proclaims. Count God’s blessings all day!

Our son, daughter-in-law, Dave, and I all had a hand in the food today. Austyn Grace’s taste buds resonated most with our traditional monkey bread and fruit breakfast, and the pumpkin cake recipe I got from a Pillsbury Bake-Off contest years ago. Considering family favorites, we cook both a turkey and a spiral ham, and make mashed potatoes and a sweet potato casserole. A neighbor on Bearfoot Road had sent something new, a great compote of cranberries, apples and oranges; the girls liked it; the guys passed in favor of stuffing — no surprises there!

Calls to and from Hawaii and Massachusetts allowed us to extend “thanksgivings” with other family members. Football, some Christmas decorating, as well as coloring, stickers, play-doh, and naps occupied most of our day together here. Meanwhile, the Hawaii branch of The Wolfe’s Den enjoyed scuba diving. The thing that resonanted in each activity, each verbal exchange, was a sense of abiding peace coupled with an overwhelming knowledge of God’s blessings in our lives. These showcase His grace, not any worthiness of ours. Our children, their spouses, their in-laws — all know Jesus personally. III John says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (v.4) No wonder the cornucopia defines Thanksgiving to me!
Early in the month I started to list specific items for which I gave thanks this year… the free gift of a motorized scooter; a loving husband who plans, but really trusts our finances to God in the midst of the economic downturn; God’s kindness in having Stacey assigned to Hawaii instead of the expected Okinawa base; the richness of solid reformed preaching from the pastors of both the church in Severna Park and the one in Oakland; the gracious neighbors in both locations; Becky’s good health as she carries the baby girl expected April 1st; the joy of travels to spend time with family; the excitement of Brent’s first book coming out in December; the pain killers that help me function day to day. My list goes on, but the idea I want to purse this coming year involves thanking God more on a daily basis. Since Thanksgiving hasn’t been packaged yet, this could stay our secret for a while. Happy Turkey Day!

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