Nestled in This Winter

Out for his afternoon walk to the mailbox, Dave took this photo of our log cabin nestled in about three feet of fresh snow. The majesty, soft beauty and frigid temperatures lure Dave outside and keep me inside. The heat generated from the logs in our two gas fireplaces keeps me comfortable. The invigorating winds and natural beauty attract Dave’s attention outdoors. Having the two worlds available works for us both! Have you ever thought about where you nestle in or what makes you secure and comforted? I first looked outside when I considered the question. The cardinal in the photo seemed nestled down in this snowy branch too. He posed for several pictures, absolutely unaware of the camera inside the house.
I think that the comfort of nestling comes best when I settle into a steady reading of scripture. The solidity of biblical truths always sustains me despite the current circumstances  in my life. And God faithfully shows me things I’ve missed in other readings. This year I have decided to use the ESV and read three chapters six days of the week and five chapters on Sundays. A cross reference today took me from Genesis to Joshua to establish that Abraham’s father worshipped idols. Abraham did not begin his life nestled in a God-fearing home. Yet God called him, and, in faith, Ahram believed God. Why not nestle into the Bible this year and read? No great comfort exists!

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