Hospitality, Miami Style

When our son Bryan suggested we come to Miami to see some of his soccer team’s games in late January, none of us realized the chosen time for its impact on housing. January 28-Feb 6, intersected the Pro Bowl weekend and included our spending the week leading up to the Super Bowl, both held this year in Miami. On top of this, Bryan and Stacey actually live in Honolulu now and have rented their condo here. Bryan has a room with another teacher and his folks. Then the blizzards of 2010 hit BWI airport and extended our stay in Florida. Needless to say, our budget had no plans quite like this! Then a family from Westminster Christain offered us two bedrooms (in case Bryan wanted to stay here with us) in their beautiful 6-bedroom home. So I went out to read and relax in the above surroundings!

Scripture talks about hospitality from the directive in Romans 12, “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality,” to the commendation give to Gaius, “whose hospitality I and the whole church here enjoy.” In I Timothy, Paul, in listing good deeds of widows, mentions “Showing hospitality,” and Peter speaks of offering hospitality to one another without grumbling.” This dear family has even shared their pets with us. The yellow lab, Shania, and Elvis, the friendly cat who likes it when I read to her (OK, so it should be Elvira), seem to enjoy the extra attention they get from us. We are so grateful for God’s provision for us through them. Thanks to Jack, Adele, Chuck and Jillian for all your kindnesses to us


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