A Special St. Patrick’s Day

Dear Taylor Faith,

Grandpa and I came to Georgia a few days ago, hoping to spend time with your Big Sister and help out when you came into the world. Sure enough, Mommy decided to go to the hospital instead of work on St. Patrick’s Day morning. Good call! She and Daddy arrived at the hospital shortly after 7 AM and you were born at 9:06 AM. Gran and Papa drove from Augusta right to the hospital while Grandpa, Big Sister and I arrived shortly after that. You have plenty of brown hair and large brown eyes that remind Gran of your Mommy as a baby.

Welcome to a family that praises God for your safe delivery and will pray for you to hear Jesus’ call to follow Him at an early age. For your first year, I will write you a letter every Wednesday. I did this for Big Sister, will write you 52 letters and then will write 52 letters to the baby that Uncle Bryan and Aunt Stacey expect in August. I want you to know about our family. When you grow up, you’ll learn to read and then have these letters to give you some information that you might find interesting.

As a southern girl you have two names and your family may use both of them! Your parents chose Taylor, Gran Davenport’s maiden name,for your first name. Your Mommy and Daddy chose Faith for your middle name because faith holds the family together. You will learn about Jesus from home, church, and extended family members. We know you are a child of the covenant, truly one of Jesus’ little lambs. Never forget to thank Jesus for allowing you to be born into a family that loves the Lord. You have wonderful parents, a Big Sister who can’t wait to meet you, and a little black and white dog named Brie. At some points in your life, even if things seem hard. never let go of the godly heritage you have. Please know that Grandpa and I will pray for you each day.

I loved holding you right away this morning, all six pounds 14 ounces of you! welcome to the Wolfe family baby girl.

Love and hugs,

Grandpa and Grandma


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