Bonding with Grandbaby

This grandma bonds with her granddaughter, Little Stuff, largely through baking, singing, and reading. With an exploding vocabulary and a vivid imagination. Little Stuff now loves rhyming words that connect to made-up stories. Carla Darla “phones in” on Grandma’s necklace and we decide what has made Chorley, “No, Grandma, not Charlie, Chorley,” have an exciting day. When I read her about Papa Bear’s trip to see Dr. Grisley, she wants me to doctor her 3 stuffed bears. And when she attended church on Palm Sunday with her four grandparents, she told us she wanted to sing in the choir.

Now that Baby Sister has arrived, I love watching her big brown eyes look up at me. Swaddled up in her blanket, she gets passed from one grandparent to the next, and kissed excessively by Little Stuff, also known as Big Sister. Unflappable, Baby Sister takes it all in stride. Actually,as Big Sister would say, Baby has already settled into a schedule. I think she has had only one night feeding, around 3 AM, since she was less than a week old.We have told Brent and Becky that this baby’s easy-going personality is a gift not to be taken lightly. They are aware of the blessing, and grateful for her.

While I sing and talk to Baby Sister as my way of bonding, Grandpa takes a different approach. The photo reveals his technique. When he got his turn with the baby, and with four grandparents present, we did have to take turns, he leaned into his bonding experience. As he did that, Baby Sister reached up for his beard. Love happened instantly. By next Christmas, Baby Sister will undoubtedly join her Big Sister in calling Dave Santa Grandpa.


2 thoughts on “Bonding with Grandbaby

  1. Congratulations, Flo and Dave! I know you’re so excited to have a new little Wolfe. We’re happy for you all.

    I think you still owe us a visit and I think we still owe you some wedding coffee mugs!



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