Babies and an Old Testament Prophet

Good morning, precious one,

This past Saturday marked your one-month birthday. I know your Mommy laments how fast the time flies as she holds and feeds you each day. This week I want to write about a Bible verse that I just related to your birth. Born on March 17, you will learn that we write dates by using numbers for the month and day. Thus, your birthday looks like this: 3/17/10. That means March 17, 2010, and each March 17th, we will celebrate your birthday.

When you learn your letters and form words, you will be able to read and study the Bible for yourself. Then you will learn that we find things in the Bible by a numbering system too. Each book of the Bible divides into chapters and verses. One of my favorite verses in the Bible comes from an Old Testament prophet, Zephaniah. We write what is called the biblical reference like this: Zeph 3:17. Did you recognize the numbers as the same as your birth date?  The verse reads like this:

“The LORD your God is with you,

he is mighty to save.

He will take great delight in you,

he will quiet you with his love,

he will rejoice over you with singing.”

Oh, precious child, this verse framed my prayers for you this week! Let’s look at the five lines of poetry here. Grandpa and I believe God calls you a child of the covenant, so He is with you even in your infancy.

However, coming into a family where Mommy, Daddy and all four grandparents know Jesus personally does not assure your relationship with the Lord. We all do bad, mean things to others and we break God’s rules all the time. Sometimes you will say evil things, other times you’ll do mean things, and at other times you think bad things. No human being can save you from these wrong things, but you will learn that Jesus can and DID offer Himself in your place. He alone can save you.

The third line above says “He will take great delight in you.” I believe that the Lord will be “tickled pink” with you because He will choose to live in and through you. Right now, your Mommy and Daddy experience delight when you stay well and contented. Grandpa and I delight to see and hold you when we come to visit you in Georgia. As wonderful as that is, having God delight in you will bring you great joy.

Even as an infant, you often stop crying and fall asleep when you experience love from your family. I know Big Siste wants to console you when she hears you cry. No matter how old you get, always remember that the God of heaven and earth stands ready to “quiet you with his love.”

When Grandma sings, I always fill up with joy, sing with everything in me, and smile. Can you imagine God as He “will rejoice over you with singing”? Amazing! Now that’s a beautiful image! And that’s the picture in my mind as I have prayed this verse for you. Maybe early in your life, perhaps in Sunday School or at home, you will memorize Zephaniah 3:17. Since your birth five weeks ago, Grandma will always think of you when she recalls this verse.

Love and hugs,

Grandma and Grandpa


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