The Joys of Reading

After church on Palm Sunday, Little Stuff brought me a book to read. At  32 months of age, she has a growing interest in stories, especially when people read her stories about animals. So after church, she ran upstairs at Gran Davenport’s house to get a book. Then we met half way and sat down to read. Her short attention span and my aging knees decided to converge on the steps and take advantage of the moment. Thankfully, Gran captured the photo so I can remember and someday, when Little Stuff reads to me, tell her of our early reading sessions. Reading to children takes full attention and lots of expression. No “ho-hum” droning will do.

As I created different voices for the bunnies’ interactions with other animals, Little Stuff listened thoughtfully, laughed, and asked questions. As I finished the story, my reward came as she said, “Read it again, Grandma, read it again.”

Looking back now on this impromptu reading session made me think of my interaction with Scripture. I want to arrive at Bible study with a mind and heart that engage the living word, not a “ho-hum, I ought to do this” attitude. Seizing the moment with energy and excitement, I discover that God opens my eyes to see the truth of His Word in new ways.Once I see what He says, He gives insights for applying what I have read to my everyday life.

He tells us all that we must become like little children. The Holy Spirit leads us in our reading and studying of the Bible. Finally, I believe God delights when we return to passages we love, find comfort in, or challenge from, because He knows that His truths and mercies are new every morning. He gently calls to us, “Read it again, child, read it again.”


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