Multiplication Factors

Armed with my camera in one hand and my cane in the other, I headed into the   yard today to savor, photograph and pick some of the abundant flowers now bursting into bloom in our yard. Our garden’s abundance has multiplied from the gracious offerings made by our neighbors and the wildflower seeds Dave planted the first four springs we owned this property.

Just yesterday a neighbor brought us a pink lady slipper that grows on his acreage. Dave planted it right next to a fern that loves the shady spot God gave it  just outside the kitchen door. As the ferns increase, we hope the lady slipper will follow suit. Another neighbor regularly brings us plants and bulbs from her burgeoning gardens. Then, in addition to her own efforts at her house, she gets to enjoy what pops up here in our yard. As a master gardener, she shares plants and knowledge with us.  She can tell us what planting zone we have to live by and acquaint us with the native plants most likely to survive our long winters and short summers.  When she calls and has found a new greenhouse, I get ready to ride with her! Dave shakes his head, reminds me of our budget and his having to dig all those holes in our rocky soil, and lets me go.                                                        

Another kind of multiplication started eight years ago when Dave bought two boxes of wildflower seeds and broadcast them across the property. When he scattered the tiny seeds, both annuals and perennials floated out over the rocky, clay soil and began to germinate.

Each year the increase amazes me. We have an ever increasing abundance of dianthus (from the carnation family), daisies, and wild phlox, along with many tiny blue flowering plants and yellow beauties I cannot yet identify. As I rounded the cabin on the basement side this morning, I could hardly believe the field of daisies before my eyes.

So before the Master Gardener, I confessed that over the years I probably thought more of multiplication in negative terms. Surely I spent too much time obsessing over the gathering of bills, pounds, laundry and cobwebs. What a waste of time and energy! Instead, God reminded of the ways He has used people, so many of them, to point me toward His word, wisdom, hope and encouragement. Then I have had the opportunity to pass along what others shared with me. Happily, I decided to gather some of the flowers outside and create a small bouquet for my kitchen window. The fact that I move slowly actually worked to my advantage as I made my way through the yard. I began to recount some of the verses and wise ideas others passed along to me.

Once inside, I trimmed the flowers, tried to identify some of those unknown to me, and arranged them in the cream colored vase. Now they beckon to me as I do my dishes, and I have a visual to help me focus on the best kind of multiplication God’s does.              


One thought on “Multiplication Factors

  1. “So before the Master Gardener, I confessed that over the years I probably thought more of multiplication in negative terms…”

    THANK you, Flo, for putting into words what I have only had tucked into my thoughts! And (btw) I’d say your rocky, clay soil must be more fertile than one would normally think for such a soil! (I can almost imagine a blog post on “the types of soils” coming next here at WITW!)

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