Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Several summers ago, actually in 2003,  at my brother and sister-in-law’s request, we loaned our cabin to family from Ohio. A real vacation was not possible for them that year, so they and their three children stayed here for four days. Debby wrote a note  in our guest book, referring to them as “weary hillbillies having come into your graces by way of marriage.” Debby’s words conveyed a kindred spirit because we have biological family and Jesus in common. I smiled because those words reminded us that we had asked the Lord to make this log cabin a blessing to people who stayed here, and He continued to answer that request.

Even more amazing to Dave and me was the newly created garden Kevin planted outside the kitchen door,  a lovely collection of hostas, wooden pieces he had found in our woods, and mulch, all bordered with the abundant rocks from our property. Seven years later, that garden flourishes and people still ask us about the huge hosta with the elephant -ear sized leaves. When some folks come to dinner, the host receives the real blessing from the encounter.

Another visitor showed up today on top of a covered pile of logs. Sunning itself on the blue tarp, a large black snake lay perfectly still. I had no intention of getting close enough to take a photo and figured he could just crawl back into that wood pile, where Dave believes he’s lived several years.  Around  1 pm, when Dave sat on the other porch to enjoy lunch, he called to me to come out quietly. Camera in hand, I peered over the railing to take photos of a black bear sniffing around for bird seed that had landed on the ground.  The camera’s flash went off, the bear glanced up, but  then continued to explore. As he neared a feeder, Dave wanted to make noise and send the bear packing. Just last night bears had come in and done damage to one of the bird feeders before dusk, the time Dave brings them in each evening.

So it pays to know just who will come to dinner. Some need a gracious hand while others need a wide berth! I hope we’ll always recognize the difference!


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