Sweet Babies

Few of life’s pleasures compare to grandparenting. Since Dave and I live so far from our “grands,” each visit has advanced preparation and lots of anticipation. This summer, when grandpa saw an online deal for a condo at the ocean, we decided to take Brent, Becky and their girls for a three-day stay at this very colorful place…bright orange walls with a blue metal gecko climbing the walls.  AG grabbed the cell phone to tell her imaginary friend all about the place. Then she and Daddy went to the pool, where AG’s sure at home! She already swims like a fish.

But TF slept in grandpa’s arms, blissfully unaware and unperturbed by the pool’s warm water.

With triple-digit temperatures, we all enjoyed the water. Located only a few blocks from the ocean, that was our next adventure.

Each day, each adventure allows us to invest in the lives of our kids and our granddaughters. But more than the most memorable vacations, I want the next Wolfe generation to meet Jesus and live a lifetime with Him. So while we feasted on chocolate doughnuts for breakfast and splashed about in the waves, the sweetest memories came from bedtime prayers and quiet moments when we prayed over the girls while they slept.


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