Aloha Love

My Grandpa’s arms lifted me from my car seat, and  I welcomed him with Aloha love right there at Honolulu International Airport! Later I’d latch onto that Santa Claus beard of his, but for now, just feeling his arms around me convinced me of his love and protection. See how relaxed I look! Once we all got back into the Jeep, we headed to Aiea and my house.

We got inside and Grandma wanted her turn, so I let her hold me too. She sure seemed happy to have me in her arms. She kept whispering her prayers of thanksgiving to Jesus, and then she hummed to me right away. As a matter of fact, she sings “Jesus Loves Me,” and “This Little Light of Mine” to me lots of times.

Mommy put me on a special blanket with a soft lamb and I slept on, happily content, surrounded by love. As I get older, all my family tells me I will get to know know about the most important lamb of all, the Lamb of God. Grandma already gave me  a quote from Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India. Grandma tells me that Ama, the Tamil language’s word for mother and the name the children called Miss Carmichael, cared for many orphaned children.  When she looked at those children, she said, “Precious child, if dear to me, what to Him?” As much as my entire family on earth loves me, Jesus loves me even more than that.

That seems like a lot to think about right now, so I’ll just take my morning nap. Somehow, I think my family will pray for me and explain more about Jesus as I grow. Hope you are held as securely and comfortably as I am right now.


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