A Day in the Pacific Paradise

With Mommy and Daddy at work, I thought I’d show Grandma and Grandpa Wolfe the neighborhood. Here Grandpa and Zeus get a long view of the harbor from a park near my house. Good breezes made me sleepy, so I napped and let them explore.

Grandpa had Zeus on her leash, and Grandma pushed me in my stroller. Whenever the sun got in my eyes, she’d readjust the canopy to keep me happy with my ride. Don’t I look relaxed? You’ll see why later when my parents put me through my exercises!

We headed back to my house and then Grandma read me a Barnaby book about Nantucket and The Velveteen Rabbit. I got pretty excited when she read to me. This reading thing sure is fun.

I got in a little snooze after story time, falling asleep right on Mommy. She makes me so happy that I can drift right off. I think she’s pretty happy holding me too. What do you think?

Shortly after dinner I started my exercises. Here I am pushing my way over the arm of the love seat. Can you believe how hard I work?

Hmmm. Do you suppose Mommy has me in training to be a Navy Seal? This routine is enough to tire a girl out! I think Daddy’s about to pick me up and give me a rest period.

Thanks, Dad. Now that I’ve exercised, maybe we can watch a little of the MLS game together. Teach me some soccer pointers, OK? After that, how about handing me off to Grandpa?

Right! Grandpa and I both need a nap. We’ll both lie here and check our eyelids for holes. Grandpa just says that you close your eyes to make sure you have no holes in your eyelids. This is definitely a great idea.


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