Stories and Children

We are all story tellers at heart; God knows that and speaks to us about His story as He calls out to those whose story will intersect with God’s son Jesus.  We wanted our “grands”  to know and love books and to thrill to stories they hear as well as create. Whenever Grandpa and I travel to southern Georgia to see two of our granddaughters, Grandma carries along a red canvas bag. Peak inside and you’ll see books and a stuffed animal we call Lambie.

At the end of the day, we sometimes take a walk and talk about our day. Lambie goes too as an encourager to get the girls to tell their day’s stories.

Our three-year-old jabbers about a host of imaginary friends and she crawls in bed with Grandma before 7 AM, Lambie in hand, to ask that Grandma have Lambie tell a scary story. What’s a scary story? Usually it means a story with a character who initially does something wrong but who has a change of heart later and makes amends. Baby Doll often is the bad character who turns around — or the bad person who gets caught and faces punishment.

What about babies who do not yet talk? Read to them too. When we read to them with suspenseful expression or emphasize a surprise ending, they realize the story line. They register the emotions.

The wee ones can appreciate the size of the big animals and follow the story more than we think possible.

No wonder God gave us the greatest story of all when Jesus came to earth!


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