Byers’ Carolers

Over the years I have collected spoons from around the world, Dept 56 houses and people from the Dickens’ Village Collection, and books. But I wanted Byers’ carolers only for each family member. Since God sent us two granddaughters in 2010, I added two girls to the family groupings this Christmas. Taylor Faith made her entrance on St. Patrick’s Day, and while Grandpa and I babysat for Big Sister, AG and I made gingerbread cookies from Grandma-Great’s recipe. Naturally, when I saw this charmer singing and holding gingerbread cookies, she had to represent Miss Taylor. The dark hair and piercing brown eyes also fit the smiler who, at nine months, will experience her first Christmas with her sister, parents and both sets of grandparents.

Later in 2010, actually on August 13, another sweet baby girl joined the Wolfe Pack. Grandpa and I waited until September to meet this sweetie, and after getting to know her for about 15 days, I looked for a caroler to capture her personality. Still undecided, I waited until we had celebrated our Christmas with her at Thanksgiving time. Miss K’s hair color is still in question, but it may be a cross between Mommy’s brunette and Daddy’s auburn.  However, the Christmas decorations came out the day after Thanksgiving, and once I spotted the Nutcracker, I made a choice for her caroler.

I don’t know if any of the “grands” will actually sing as they grow up, but I hope they will find singing a wonderful way to worship. And not just at Christmas. I pay they will lift their voices to sing the praises of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  While I love the gingerbread cookies and the Nutcracker music and decorations of Christmas, the true meaning must not get lost in the trappings.

As I take out the singers, I now position them into three cubbies along the staircase that goes to the top floor. Each space has a family. Dave and I appear alongside an antique Santa. Next come Brent, Becky and their two girls. Then Bryan, Stacey and their little one.  This Christmas Eve we will not all stand in the same pew and lift our voices in songs of adoration to the babe in the manger. Distance will prohibit that. But we will all gather in churches and the bond of Christ will seal us.


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