The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolfe

Dave and I married in August of 1968 and by Christmas that year, I had just completed my wedding thank you notes. The thought of adding personal notes to each Christmas card appealed to me but was not practical! I had just begun teaching, having finally landed a job in Arkansas where Dave was then stationed  in the Air Force. That meant, as a first-year teacher,  I worked every night on different preparations. One Saturday morning I awoke and thought I might write a sort of family fairy tale about the adventures of “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.”  As the years went by, I added cubs Brent and Bryan to what became “The Adventures of Li’l Red and the Wolfe.” Each year I’d think, “Not this year — no time.” Yet, some night when sleep didn’t come, I would get up and write. All this occurred pre-computers, so I did not save each letter. If I had, our sons would have a great family history. With daughters-in-law and three granddaughters now in the adventure, I  penned the 43rd edition this December and have included it below. We spent a Thanksgiving Christmas with the Hawaii Wolfes and a December Christmas with the Georgia Wolfes.

The Adventures of Li’l Red Riding Hood and the Wolfe     Edition 43    12/18/2010

While doing dishes, Red often gazes out her prayer window. Life on Bearfoot Road allows for two-way conversations with the Lord, times to express joy over two beautiful new granddaughters born this year (Taylor Faith on March 17 to Brent and Becky in Georgia and Kelsey Ann on August 13 to Bryan and Stacey in Hawaii) and time to be sad, yet thank the Lord for Mom Wolfe’s peaceful homegoing on July 15. As Red and the Wolfe survey 2010, the music and words of Cindy Bauchspies’ “Faithful” summarize well the Wolfes’ journey of this past year.

A dear one dies, a newborn strives to live… and we wonder what lies ahead.

Well it’s in times like these we instead must look behind

And see who has held us in His hand

‘Cause I can’t see ahead, but I can look behind, and I can see how faithful He has been.

One thing I know for sure is God is God and I am not He;

And He is good and just and righteous in all that He decrees:

So remember this in the depths and the heights,

The One who called you will give you all you need.

“Cause we can’t see ahead but we can look behind,

And we can see how faithful He has been.

So we will look ahead ‘cause we have looked behind

And we can see that God is faithful; He is faithful.

This year God’s faithfulness allowed the Wolfes both strength and safety to travel to Georgia, Hawaii, Miami, New York, Nantucket, Houston, Fredericksburg, Norfolk, Hilton Head and the Annapolis area. Whether home or away, the Wolfes enjoyed sharing their cabin haven with family and friends. Come visit for your own personal retreat!

Cabinman Wolfe continues to teach himself web design; he creates and maintains Grace Reformed’s website. Studying theology at men’s Bible study, volunteering at a domestic violence shelter, gardening, counseling couples, woodworking, plowing through 260 inches of snow last winter, playing with his iPad, joining his sons in their various house projects, and entertaining his three adorable granddaughters keep him young. Austyn Grace, our oldest “grand,” told a fellow three-year-old, “I have a Santa Grampa.”

Red continues to sing with the Garrett Choral Society (3 concerts this year), lead a women’s Bible study and speak for retreats and MOPS. She does some mentoring at the middle school, proofreads for the Garrett Lakes Arts Festival, counsels with the Wolfe, and answers phones at the Dove Center. The herb committee of the garden club provides new information and relationships with wonderful women; thankfully, Cabinman does the actual gardening. Red needs his reminder about daily rest, but she hopes to complete her book about grandparenting before next Christmas. She loves being a Grandma!

The cubs and their families live too far away, but the Wolfe and Red visit often. Becky works three days a week in a dental surgery office, and Brent will receive tenure at Georgia Southern this February. Stacey heads up the Cerebrovascular surgery department at the Army’s Tripler Hospital. Bryan teaches at Trinity Classical Christian and spends nights working toward his doctorate in educational leadership. The Wolfes are blessed indeed.

May you know the Christ Child in new and deeper ways in 2011,

Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wolfe and Red


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