Don’t Lose the Wonder

One of the best parts of our first trip to Disney World with the “grands” involved watching their wonder of it all.

Little Stuff, age 3 1/2,  stood at the fence in the Animal Kingdom and saw giraffes, gazelles, elephants and wildebeests. My wonder came from the look in her eyes as she shyly peered out through the wooden fencing.  She’d already visited five zoos in her life, but these wooden fences added a closeness she had not experienced in zoos with metal barricades.

I took the picture and enjoyed the moment of her joy. “God made so many different animals,” one of us commented. And she watched, intrigued and captivated by the animals.

On Friday we all went to the Magic Kingdom, and the favorite ride for the three little girls was definitely “It’s a Small World.” Little Stuff’s Baby Sister, not quite ten months old, stood on her Daddy’s lap, spell bound by the little people passing by as we toured the continents in our floating boats.

I took about 15 pictures trying to capture all the reactions Little Stuff’s Baby Sister had to the lights and the small people that came into view around each bend. Mesmerized, Baby Sister adored this ride.

My eyes, first noticed those baby fingers that worked back and forth whenever we turned another corner and caught another scene. But how could I miss her huge brown eyes? Those eyes and the thick eye lashes that may break hearts in her future, sure defined awe and amazement, even a longing to get closer to what she saw.

Watching her wonderment made her Daddy smile as he saw how captivated his daughter was.

Do you suppose our heavenly Father smiles when we allow ourselves to be enraptured by Him?





And what reactions did the youngest member of our Wolfe Pack register? While not yet five months old, she reached out to touch the bronzed version of Donald Duck. In her eyes I saw intent and curiosity and prayed that she would always view all of life as well as  the Creator/Sustainer of the universe  with the same amazement.

Keith and Kristyn Getty wrote “Don’t Let Me Lose My Wonder,”  a modern hymn that asks God to keep His presence ever fresh in our lives. The devil loves it whenever we get the least bit “ho-hum” about our faith.

So I left the park that day thanking God for a spiritual lesson taught to me through three little girls and their wonder. May I always view my Lord and Savior through eyes like theirs.


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