Spring, the Schizo Season

It’s the last day of March, yet the local forecasters tell us we’ll have snow, sleet and/or rain through next weekend.

Truth be told, I’m asking  the Lord to bring spring into my life soon, not just the season, but the bounce in my step, the hope and encouragement that blows in with those zephyr puffs of fresh air. I believe I’m seeking a new infusion of His encouragement.

Sorry, these lovely red tulips did not come from my garden. But grocery store flowers infuse the house with anticipation.

Back in Genesis, God promised there would always be the seasons. And He is faithful…even when you live where keeping the snow shovel on the porch until May marks your savvy as a Garrett County resident!

The month of March held snowstorms in my heart as we received word of people dying…from older friends who had battled disease and sickness to the very young who died in a tragic accident.

Eternity offers sweetness for those welcomed home by Jesus. We who carry on here sigh, work to create a new “normal,”  and are thankful that Jesus had wept at Lazarus’ grave.

The gray of our grief begins to lift. We return to memorized familiar passages like 2 Cor. 12:9, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient and that in our weakness, His strength shows more powerfully.

So although the snow lies on the ground today, three weeks ago, these brave daffodils dared peek out of the earth in the very shadow of some leftover snow.

This photo captures my emergence, a bravado not born of my strength, but of His. In this world we will have tribulation, pain, loneliness, things that ever since the post-fall weeds of Eden, have made life difficult.

But the Lord pushes us back up through the hard soil, inching beyond the twisted ache in the stomach, the desire to do nothing but lie in bed, the dull headache that lurks behind our eyes. Right there, with the snow threatening just behind us, He bids us come forth and live again.


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