Experiencing God in the Fog of Life

When you look at this photo, do you see daffodils or fog?

Regardless of the emerging flowers, when we feel sick or find ourselves down emotionally,  our focus shifts to the fog.

Our hands hold the camera, but not steadily. We shake a bit and the focus blurs the truth and beauty of the true scene.

Even the flowers, the nucleus of the photo, lose something.

Moses, in Psalm 90, tells us something important about the foggy days, actually about all our days. “Teach us too number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  Ps. 90:12

In the bleak days, the times when a winter-weary soul remains in the fog, the days still count. If we lie in bed, too feeble to get up, others pray for us. They need to be made aware of our need, and that takes a kind of transparency we shy from like a root canal. Yet it’s the call of God’s family to support each other, to bear one another’s burdens.

If a lack of strength or desire to read the Word has been the devil’s vehicle to attack us, we will be numbering our days aright by listen to God’s voice through anyone who will read to us, whether in person or via CD.

Choosing music to feed a weary soul means hearing words that fuel the mind more than the emotions. I may clean to up-beat 60s music, but that’s not my listening choice in the fog. Gaining a heart of wisdom is, I believe, a call to seek “true truth” as Francis Schaeffer penned. I regain the assurance that the fog will clear and the Master will remind me again of His love, grace, and purpose, even through the murkiness. I tune to a panel discussing a new book, one that opens with a harsh criticism toward those who embrace both the love and the wrath of a holy God. One of the panel members humbly reminds me of truth seen in gloom. “Christians are only poor beggars showing other poor beggars where there is bread.


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