June’s Joys

After her flight from Honolulu to Dallas to Greensboro, NC, our Aloha granddaughter just held Glowworm and smiled as grandpa rubbed her head. Thus began our southern adventure to attend David and Laura’s June 4th wedding.

Those sweet blue eyes brought immediate praises to the Lord for bringing us all together again.

I often pray for missionary families who live so far apart. For those on the field, this is a sacrifice we often don’t think about much. They can go for years with pictures, tapes, Skype visits, and letters of first artistic endeavors. Yet, the actual holding is not possible. So thanksgiving welled up in my heart.

While the wedding planner settled the last minute details, Grandpa Wolfe enjoyed occupying the baby with puffs. Gerber seems to have the miracle food for toddlers. Keep them coming, as Mommy would do during the wedding service, and baby stays pleased!

At the rehearsal, Grandma Wolfe and baby shared hugs amid the cooling breezes in this vine-covered pergola just beyond the wedding garden. We had the view of the activity and the comfort of cool when the temperatures hit the 90s and the humidity wilted most folks!

I still say that grandparenting is the best job ever!

A girl needs a nap after all that travel. Besides, with a little nap, she could be alert when her two cousins arrived.

So when Aloha girl’s  little buddy arrived from Georgia, they were ready to play. And they had just gotten to know each other in May when Uncle Brent and Aunt Becky came to Hawaii. Naturally, the girls  remembered each other after just a few minutes.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Brent came too, bringing their girls and toys to share. The tiger puppet got lots of love! Older sister, attending her first wedding, wandered around visiting with the “Quintreros,” our hosts at the rehearsal dinner.

  Daddy says I can get married                                                                         Mommy and Aloha baby

when I’m 40!                                                                                                                  after the ceremony
                                                                           Kisses for Mommy!

Dr. and Mrs. David Quintero enjoy their first dance as husband and wife.

At the reception, express our happy thanks for almost 43 years of marriage.

Butterfly kisses among the lilies for AG

Happy memories for the two younger ones

Children are God’s gifts to us

One last family pose before we head in separate directions. Be still my heart and thanks be to God for His grace to us all.


2 thoughts on “June’s Joys

  1. What a joy to discover we’ll be able to worship with this little sweetie and her parents out here in Hawaii. Can’t wait to see you when you visit! We’ll be in our house on McGrew by mid-July.

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