Lovin’ That Man of Mine

Mid-June gives me two special days to celebrate my husband. His birthday falls on June 17, usually the same time, if not the same day, as Father’s Day. And Dave certainly gives us all a double blessing.

“Santa Grampa” gives great flying lessons to his granddaughter here,  and he almost always finds a way to please even tired children.

Flying Baby has no fear as long as Grandpa’s strong arms hold her up to the ceiling!

And Grandpa loves his role as the jet.

Another of Grandpa’s talents involves encouraging his feminine granddaughters to do fish lips or make raspberries.

He models the questionable skill, and with great concentration, the granddaughter picks it up very quickly!

Mom and Dad get to “unteach” the skill later.

He gives great hugs — even two at a time!

Yet loves to catch those thoughtful, teachable moments….

Our grown sons still call when they want his godly wisdom…

Even if Dad laments that he’s the least educated one in the family, we all know whose biblical worldview permeates all he thinks and does.

So Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life!


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