Seeking Glory

While people often seek their own glory, the Lord reflects His glory in much of His creation.

This huge rhododendron covers a large portion of a former student’s lawn. Her children can actually go into the back of this bush and play!

Sometime ago, someone must have planted this bush; now God has matured it and allows me to meditate on His idea of glory.

Why does any one of us seek her own glory by pushing and jockeying for position, press space, fame or possessions?

My Dad spent a great deal of his spare time gardening, mostly vegetables. But he did produce mounds of impatients that I’ve never been able to duplicate.

So when Dave and I visited the Farmers’ Market, this pot of purple petunias called my name.

God sends us sparks of His glory through the creation; He called me this morning and drew me to simply come to His presence, leave my worries behind, and marvel at His glory.


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