For Better or for Worse

On June 21, when I had to enter Mon General Hospital in Morgantown, Dave’s first “resting place” was a round stool beside my emergency room bed. He pushed the stool against the wall and leaned back trying to stay balanced while getting a little shut eye.

By 5am I had a room on the cardiac floor because the blood test results indicated an elevated heart enzyme.  Dave’s accommodations then became the chair bed beside my bed. He slept there nights until my Saturday afternoon release, with the exception of one night back here at home. And he came home only to make sure my 12 other Houghton classmates gathered at our house had everything they needed.

This photo was an attempt to show our four-year-ole granddaughter that Grandma was getting her juice through a long tube.

Helping little ones understand proved easier than helping me understand why I was here in this hospital bed and missing all the fun I had planned for my college friends.

Finally released at 12:30 on Saturday, I arrived home for the last 20 hours of our annual get together.


My sisters in Christ received me warmly, and we later toasted with s’mores made at the fire pit.

Then we came indoors for a wonderful season of prayer and worship as we shared the love of Christ.

We continue to bear one another’s burdens with love.

It’s now August; the Houghton DIVAS have returned home, many to face valleys of their own.

My bad days continue to come with regularity, and I long to leave this desert experience .

Yet I look outside the bedroom window and watch the faithfulness of this man who promised “for better or for worse,” and still believes in those vows.

He ministers Christ to me in the most tangible ways, and for that, I am forever grateful.


2 thoughts on “For Better or for Worse

  1. What a wonderful blessing it is to have such a dear husband! Our infirmities often cause us to count our blessings in new, vibrant ways as we see the Lord continuing to care for us through those who love us.

  2. What a wonderful picture of living out our vows. I am looking forward to seeing you again when you’re able to visit! I’m just down the street from Bryan.

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