New Experiences

When a child is almost one, she should beginto investigate future careers, right? Wouldn’t that make this retired guidance counselor/grandma thrilled?

Of course!

So Bryan and Stacey, as forward-looking parents, took Aloha Girl to test various career options at the Children’s Discovery Center in Honolulu.

The little girls’ choice? She might not be abletoput out a fire, but she’s so cute, she could attract some able-bodied young mentotackle the blaze!

But the coat seemedtomake a poor fashion statement for a petite lass, so she and Mommy decidedtoconsider other career options.

And they ended up trying…

driving a school bus!

Now they show control and happy facestogreet each student.

Fast forwardtoStatesboro, Georgia and they could pick up a cousin headed out for her first day of Nursery School at First Baptist Church.

With a back pack heavy enoughtopull her over backwards, Austyn Grace could harrdly contain her excitement over her first day of school.

Tonight she told Grandpa and me that she had touched a snake today at school. Then with a hearty laugh, she said, “It wasn’t real, Grandma.”

How wonderfultoshare these new experiences via the electronics available today …

even if our Jeep hadtobe towed away, our refrigerator died, and after we returned from purchasing a new frig that will be delivered tomorrow, the old refrigerator cametolife and is cooling just fine now.

No word on the Jeep yet!


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