Be Anxious for Nothing

OK, so a new refrigerator is not the most romantic 43rd anniversary gift…

but our old refrigerator stopped working on August 8th, and we could have a new one delivered on August 9th… our anniversary is the tenth.

Dave measured the space and we called the warehouse we use in PA.

They had three choices for us to consider.

After grilling up the thawed meat from  the freezer and cooking the frozen veggies, we headed for the Jeep and the drive to the PA.

As soon as Dave put the Jeep in reverse, the back driver’s side wheel locked up completely. The back tire simply ground down into the gravel.

After a call for a tow truck, we waited until the Jeep drove away atop this huge yellow truck.

Our mechanic promised to try to look at the Jeep before the week ended, but his mother-in-law had died the week before and he was behind in the shop.

Thankfully, our 1997 Sable got us to PA where we ordered the refrig.

At home that night, we had our neighbors over to share our dinner. Just before they arrived, Dave noticed that the old refrigerator was running. By the end of our dinner, the freezer temperature had dropped to 20 degrees and seemed headed to zero without any problem.

When the new refrigerator arrived, we decided to keep the old, but running-perfectly-well refrigerator, out in the shed. On Wednesday, our fabulous mechanic called and said he had found the problem and had the Jeep fixed. We did not need to replace the rear end, and happily paid a bill for much less than anticipated. Despite the unexpected expenses, we’d both kept talking about God’s sense of humor and our anticipated use of an extra refrigerator when both sons come home this Christmas.

On Friday we headed to the Laurelville Conference on Reformed Theology, and before the horseshoe pitching during free time, Dave and I had hear Don Theobald preach from Phil. 4: 6-9, “Be anxious for nothing.”

The passage begins with a straight-forward command that we often struggle to obey.

So Don gave five correctives when we struggle with anxiety and fear.

Following the passage, worry is an issue of JOY. The situation may be terrible, but we find our joy in the Lord despite the current circumstances.RESPONDING TO OUR PROVIDENCE calls us to let gentleness be evident to all. PRAYER that sees Jesus is already in the situation allows us to find things to be thankful for in the midst of the trial.  THINKING needs to focus on the excellent, praiseworthy, things that will direct our thinking rather than give fears a field day. Finally, IMITATION means we need to locate people who will not merely commiserate. We need mature Christians who will point us to the Scriptures.

As we grow in these five correctives, we arrive at the consequences. The peace of God will be with us (verse 7) and the God of peace (verse 9) will be with us. How thankful we are for clear biblical teaching that helps us in the most practical issues of life.


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