Visiting the “Grands”

When we grandparents fly from the Maryland mountains to Hawaii, we go to visit Aloha Baby, her parents and the family dog Zeus.

We last saw each other in North Carolina at a family wedding on June 4th, so getting reacquainted isn’t hard.

We start with  time for a little heart to heart time with Grandpa.

“Hmmm, let me see. What’s changed since I last saw you, Grandpa? Oh, I know! I walk now all by myself now. I started last week.”

“Well, Grandpa, I thought I had accomplished something very impressive, but look what happened to me…

I’m kept behind bars now! Even when I’m all dressed up to go pick you and Grandma up at the airport, I still end up here.”

“Yes, Grandpa, you have a point. There are lots of toys here, and everyone comes into my room to play with me.”

“Do you think you can get Mommy to turn on her keyboard for me so we can play music together?”

“Maybe we can liven things up a bit by inviting Zeus into the playroom. OK, Grandpa?”

“Zeus tries so hard to be good and not lick me in the face.”

“But I have a tendency to leave leftovers on my face. so Zeus is showing tremendous restraint.”

“And, Grandpa, I think I can figure this gate out real soon; I just jiggle this screw here…

well, I’m working on it.”

“Thanks, Grandpa, I just needed a little help getting into Grandma’s chariot.”

“When Daddy gets home from school, let’s all go to the pool.”

“Look at this, Grandpa. Daddy and I just like to spend some time chillin’ at the pool while I have an afternoon snack.”

“Mommy just called and she’ll be home soon.”

“I’m thinking that having the family together tonight will be fun.”

“Let’s not lose these simple pleasures, OK?”


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