Former Students

The only thing that’s better than a trip to Hawaii is a smiling greeting from this little one!

The pool in the neighborhood made for easy trips to enjoy the sprinklers as well as the large pool. Dave pushed me in my wheelchair, and I pushed Aloha Baby in her stroller. We made quite a train as we maneuvered through the streets, stopping at the pool or at one of the playgrounds.

On one of our adventures, we met up with a former student, her husband and their two girls. Although I knew Andrea and Stephen lived in the same neighborhood, our meeting had not been planned.

Having taught high school, home school, and college classes for a total of 32 years, I now love the fact that Facebook and email have reconnected me with many former students.

When I taught, I often invited classes to our home to view videos of Hamlet or Death of a Salesman.

Now, in a reversal of roles, Andrea invited us to have dinner at her home and spend some time getting to know her family better. Both of her girls rushed to share toys and make sure they took good care of our granddaughter, “the baby.”

We sat down at the dining room table, feasted on  salad, fresh baked rolls, and homemade lasagna. Before and after, we watched the girls play and tried to catch up on about 19 years!

Now the Lord blessed in all my years of teaching, but in my retirement, He delights me with seeing the richest fruits of teaching. No, I no longer quiz about books studied in high school or listen for correct grammar.

That night I witnessed what God has accomplished in one of my former students. I watched a godly woman, a gracious hostess, devoted wife and mother. She shared some of her journey as a Navy wife and some of her experiences with adoption.

Teachers don’t just touch lives forever, as a plaque in my office used to say. The dividends of the teaching profession multiply over the years when students become adults. Thanks again, Andrea, for a lovely evening and a great reminder of the world’s best job!


2 thoughts on “Former Students

  1. I will be forever grateful for the student who come back to say hello. My children are 5 when they leave me..and yet I have had several who have come back and said, ” I really loved you.”


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