Grammy’s Jammies

As a polio survivor for more than six decades now, I know that staying warm decreases my pain levels. Not only do I like soft, fleecy jammies and nightgowns, but I take great pleasure in buying pj’s for our three granddaughters.

Few things make this grandma smile as much as seeing happy toddlers and pre-schoolers hopping around in soft pj’s, moving from lap to lap, giggling and whispering in anticipation of Christmas morning’s traditions and activities.


Since the entire Wollfe Pack plans on a “Cabin Christmas” this December, Grandpa and I stopped at the Carter’s Outlet in September so we could find matching pajamas in 12 month, 18 month and 5 T sizes.

Since Grandpa will don his full Santa suit on Christmas eve, the choice for one gift seemed obvious. Each of the girls will help Santa hand out presents early Christmas morning wearing her official insignia as Santa’s Helper.




Back in August, when we brought Aloha Baby into  her family’s guest bedroom to help us pack for our trip home to the mainland, Grandpa tried to see if he could fit her into our suitcase.


Here she modeled the cupcake pj’s we gave her for her first birthday. I love the softness of the new fabrics, and her Mommy prefers the zippers to snaps.


Since the air conditioning runs all the time in her Hawaii home, and babies do not have blankets in their cribs, Kelsey can wear these pj’s at home as well as here at the cabin this Christmas.


We did enjoy watching Kelsey try to wiggle her way into our suitcase, snuggling down into our clothes!



Today, while shopping at a Kohl’s sale, what should I find but these adorable reindeer pj’s. And wouldn’t you know it? The store had the three sizes I needed.


I’m not sure how it happened, but those jammies just jumped into my shopping cart!


If Carter’s didn’t have me hooked before, they’ve now created adorable feet that have faces or look like ballet slippers.



The last time a toddler reindeer stopped in for Christmas here at the cabin in the woods was 2008.




Now she’s a mature 4 1/2 year-old who attends nursery school, and she may think she’s outgrown her footed pj’s. But I’m one grandma who likes to look back and appreciate the time she was the youngest of the granddaughters. This grandma hopes Austyn Grace  is still looking forward to sitting on my lap. I want to always be able to giggle together, drawn together by love and warmth.

I think that we look to capture much of Christmas joy through the eyes of children because they want to be held, loved, kept warm by the ones who love them most.


We humans, a desperately wicked bunch at the core– despite the cutest of jammies — long for the love and acceptance found only in the babe born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.

We attempt to hide our evil nature, whether our desire for power, money, education, brawn, in all kinds of facade  jammies.

But the Christ child gives His children the privilege of calling Him “Abba, Father,” actually, “Papa,” a tender term of endearment.


Before you rush out to Christmas shop, ponder the beautiful mystery of the Word made Flesh. God came to dwell with His people, to care for them, the lead them home. Why? Because He loves them.






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