An Open Letter to My Granddaughters

Taylor Faith, I love the intensity of  discovery I saw this summer as you explored the molding sand at The Sandbox on Hilton Head.

The world offers many challenging adventures and ideas; some promise excitement and fun; they deliver and reward you well with rock-hard substance.

Others that promise the thrills of excitement will be no more solid than the sand that escaped through your fingers, leaving you startled, tricked and disappointed. Plans crumble unexpectedly and you register surprise. How did that happen? Ah, sweet baby girl, things supported by sand deteriorate.

So I pray Proverbs 8 for you today.

How will you know the difference between truth and lies? I pray you will look for wisdom, biblical wisdom, as you venture into your world.

Proverbs 8 tells you that both wisdom and folly will call to you in this world. Wisdom has worthy things to say; listen for her lips to speak what is right. (v.6)

And you, Aloha Baby, will scratch your head over so much that life brings your way. Most things make you smile, and while I love your easy-going nature and infectious smile, I also want you to grow to love Proverbs 8’s words about following God’s wisdom.

You treasured your banana that October morning in Washington, DC., but I pray you’ll treasure wisdom far more than that!

May you choose God’s instruction over silver and knowledge of Him over choice gold.  (v. 10)

You saw rare gems at the Museum of Natural History, and we all joked about your never accepting an engagement ring smaller than the Hope Diamond. All kidding aside,  I want you to see that wisdom is more precious than rubies. (v. 11)

For you and Taylor Faith, new words erupt from your mouths each day. Vocabulary fountains flow with streams of words, some understood by your parents and others still a mystery to them. Remember that wisdom always speaks truth and detests wickedness. (v. 7) Pattern your speech after wisdom. That way, you will always honor God, and He will help you choose your words carefully.

And to you, Austyn Grace, my oldest granddaughter who celebrated birthday number four this July, this chapter of Proverbs wrings my heart and keeps me on my knees for you.

As you leave home for more schooling and activities, the words from Folly will try so hard to cry out louder than Wisdom. I don’t want you to find Folly “cool” or inviting to you.

While Wisdom speaks truth with her words, Folly will work very hard as she lies, to trick you with her words. And she doesn’t always use words. As an example, as I shopped for long underwear for you to have when you come here at Christmas, I saw so much clothing that didn’t look like my sweet Austyn Grace. Folly wants to make you grow up FAST.

Proverbs 8:12 reminds me that Wisdom lives with prudence, possesses knowledge and discretion.

I know those are big words, but prudence implies good judgment and common sense. The word discretion carries the ideas of care, delicacy, sensitivity. The call to modesty in dress and gentleness toward other children will be the voice of Wisdom. I know you and Mommy already work together on a project that helps other children, so your parents are already training you in Wisdom’s ways. Please know that when I study my Bible each day, I listen to the Holy Spirit. I then pray for you three girls the things that apply to you from what I’ve read. Studying the Bible is always more than just reading a few verses. It’s a time to let the Lord speak to me. So today, I decided to pass on what’s been on my heart from my devotions of last week. May god grant you three the ears to hear Wisdom’s call and know it’s from the Lord.

Love you bunches,



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