With a Thankful Heart

Dave drove to Dutch Carr’s on Thursday so Dutch could get our Jeep ready for a trip to Georgia.

I had followed Dave in the car for the few-mile trip to see our mechanic. As I waited for Dave to come out of Dutch’s garage, I saw his wife’s crafty efforts that had transformed a pumpkin into a Thanksgiving Pilgrim turkey.

In the simple acts of life, God calls me to give thanks. I stopped right then and thanked the Lord for an honest, reasonably priced mechanic. Dutch Carr has a gift with vehicles. And if he can’t remedy the problem, as was the case a couple of years ago, he doesn’t charge us.

Yes, you read that correctly. Dutch Carr spent at least an hour of his time, and could even replicate the problem when he drove the Jeep out on I68,  but he could not fix it. A bill for labor?  “No, not if I can’t fix it.”

I also give thanks for people like Nellie Henken, the co-leader of the herb committee for the local garden club. She shared her grandmother’s homemade noodle recipe with the group, made two batches of noodles the night before, and then did a live demonstration for about 14 of us, a la Julia Child!

The rest of us who gathered together that morning brought a variety of sauces that featured herbs. As the newly made batch of noodles dried, we got to  experience the fun of learning and sampling together!

I am so thankful for Nellie’s willingness to go out of her way. You see, to accommodate the large group on the herb committee, Nellie worked in another member’s kitchen. That meant hauling ingredients, drying rack, and specialized rolling pins. She also did the prep work the night before, and navigated someone else’s kitchen.

Sometimes people just offer you a helpful hand. Evi Watkins works at Will ‘o the Wisp, site of the monthly garden club’s meetings/luncheons.

She serves at the restaurant as a hostess, usually in the evenings, but because we go to church together, she has seen me navigate stairs one at a time.

She told me where to

park downstairs so I don’t have to take the steps. When saving strength and energy is pivotal to each of my days, I thank her for the thoughtfulness she extended to me.

Before the craziness of the Christmas seasons completely takes over your world, relish this time of thanksgiving.

Take a few minutes to recall the number of folks who have shown you simple kindnesses lately. Then thank them. A thankful heart reflects contentment, and it might just make another person smile.


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