Lists for Most Everything!


I confess…  not only to being a list maker, but also to later adding to a ready-made list, things I have accomplished that were not on the original list! How sad is that!  I love to scratch things off my lists. When I get to the point of having only one or two “to do’s” left on a ragged piece of paper at the bottom of my purse, I start a new list with those “not-yet-completed” items now topping  a new memo. Like the leaves swirling down to the ground at this time of year, I get some sort of glee from watching the checks or cross offs confirm that I’m really accomplishing things! Surely there’s a support group for people like me!

In the Old Testament God’s people received instructions to remember important things, not by writing lists, but by stacking stones. And Garrett County has plenty of rocks!  So, like many others at this time of year, I’ve begun counting my blessings and expressing my thanks to my heavenly Father.

First, I want to shout my thanks for God-given wonder! Not surprise, but absolute wonder that takes breath away! I saw it when Taylor Faith rode “It’s a Small World” at Disney World last January. She gasped, grabbed her Daddy’s shirt, expressed her wonder with her eyes, mouth, and all the fibers of her little body! Everything about that ride transported her beyond sensation, spectacle, or beauty to astonishment, amazement.

When do we lose that kind of awe for the God of the universe? When does the symmetry of a single, unique snowflake get lost in our grousing about having to shovel? When do we start thinking one sunset this afternoon is just like yesterday’s? When do we complain about the lack of variety in apples rather than pause to offer praise for the sheer array of color, crispness, and flavor in just this one fruit?

Personally, going back to God’s Word alone allows the Holy Spirit to speak to me of wonder, majesty, the other worldly. I need the reminder to take off my shoes, for I tread on hallowed ground. When I inhale the Gospel, drink deeply from the streams of living water, I take the first steps beyond mere lists and move toward true Thanksgiving. This year, Lord, teach me more about awe, that I may enter Your gates with thanksgiving, Your courts with praise.


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