Toddler Thanksgiving

Dave and I came to Georgia a few days early because the sweetest little Indian invited us to

her nursery school’s Thanksgiving program.

Daddy, Mommy, and Sissy came for the program, bringing with them Gran, Grandma and

Grandpa. We placed our contribution to the luncheon feast on the large main dish table and

sat down at our appointed table, the one conveniently near the dessert table.

Austyn Grace had made a placemat and a lovely centerpiece. Other art work, hers and her

friend Carley’s, lay spread on the “Peden and Wolfe” table. Cameras went on tiny tripods to

capture both still and moving photos of the festivities.

At eleven o’clock the children entered the room with their teachers.

What makes the heart sing with praise and thanksgiving quicker

than seeing nine three-year-olds and nine four-year olds

walk in as Pilgrims and Indians?

The tots knew their lines, sang their blessing, and informed us that there

was no turkey at the first Thanksgiving. AG knelt down next to her Daddy

at the end of the play, and Carley gave me a happy Pilgrim smile.

Taylor Faith wanted to inspect the set and all the props, so she and Daddy went up

front and checked out the fire and the tent.

As the family stood together, I thought, ” Out of the mouths of babes, You

has ordained truth.”

Instantly, floods of thanksgiving washed over me, not just

for this time of year or the family gathering we will enjoy tomorrow.

I thought of the sacrifice God made more than 2000 years ago. How can I

possibly thank Him for sending Jesus to live a perfect life and then

appropriate His righteousness in exchange for my broken sinfulness?

Humanly, I can’t, but I can purpose to see Jesus in more and more of life, and

seeing  Him, thank and praise Him for every breath!

From Georgia to family and friends spread out to Hawaii, Austria, and Haiti…

Praise the Lord and Happy Thanksgiving, !


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