Duck Pond

ImageA quaint duck pond near the Georgia Southern University Campus beckons us every time we visit Brent and Becky.



Both four-year-old Austyn Grace and her 20-month-old sister, Taylor Faith, love to toss the stale bread to the ducks.


Sometimes the ducks’ hunger sends them sailing in too fast and too close, but most experiences bring smiles.










Despite getting over croup, Taylor Faith toddled to the edge of the pond and rewarded Grandma’s camera lens with this sweet photo.



Quite fearless around the Canadian geese she met on campus the week earlier. TF showed some reserve when the white duck charged up the band and ate from her hand.









Of course, Taylor Faith’s Daddy and her older sister were close at hand when the Canadian goose got friendly.







I suppose, if you could catch the simple joys of duck pond trips regularly, this wouldn’t be so meaningful.



But when the grandchildren live far away, the expression on Austyn Grace’s face  alone make the 10+ hour drive well worth the trip!



Mommy and her girls share the bread, and Grandpa  and I get to hear the younger one tell us that ducks say “Kak,kak.”



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