The Twelve Days of Christmas — Day Five

According to Job 37: 5-6a, “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’”

And so, when we looked out the windows on the morning of December 28th, we all began to layer up and head outside. Snow had fallen during the night.

Brent appeared ready to offer Snowball Making 101 classes to Taylor Faith and Austyn Grace, but I think the girls just wanted to stay warm!


Brent and Bryan quickly got the opportunity to pull the new toboggan Grandpa had purchased for all three girls.

Stacey, an avid skier, knew how to handle the cold; Honolulu-born Kelsey didn’t even like wearing a coat!

 Bryan made a valiant effort to convince his daughter that snow had its merits….

 but Miss Kelsey wasn’t feelin’ it!

On the other hand, Aunt Becky came down our steep driveway smiling all the way!

I just stood there in the driveway, thanking God for His grace in giving us this time together.

“I can catch snowflakes on my eyelids!”

 “OK, I guess snow’s OK.”

 With Mommy holding her tight, Taylor Faith decided that this tobogganing in the snow qualified as a great family activity. This grandma, with a full heart and tears in her eyes (always tears), again thought of Because He Loves Me. “The family characteristic that should be most evident in us is summed up in these words: WALK IN LOVE.”


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