The Twelve Days of Christmas — Day Six

What do reindeer pajamas, Wisp Ski Resort and bubble machines have in common? Those ingredients mixed together to make up day six of the Wolfe Clan’s Christmas celebration. And it all began when the three girls appeared in their reindeer pajamas Thursday morning.

The two little cousins kept each other entertained whether dressed alike or not. Elyse Fitzpatrick, in her book, Because He Loves Me, says, “Normal Christian life is all about relationships; relationships with Jesus Christ, and through Him, with one another.”

Once dressed and out the door of the cabin, again described by Bryan as “herding cats,” the nine of us stormed Wisp to check out the less-than-ideal skiing conditions.

Stacey and Bryan boldly took AG and Kelsey in hand and got them size-appropriate skis!

Since Kelsey had displayed a distinct dislike for winter coats, her parents tried the toddler’s Halloween cow costume as outerwear.

Padded to make her look like a baby bovine, the costume was tolerated and kept Kelsey reasonably warm when worn over ski pants!

When not moving, as you can see, Kelsey was not exactly a skiing enthusiast.

Born and raised in Honolulu for the last 16 months, Kelsey is more a beach bunny than a snow bunny…at least for now!

Once there was forward progress, Stacey heard Kelsey exclaim, “Wheeeeeeeee.”

When Kelsey skied, Taylor Faith wore her snowsuit, wrestled with Daddy or held on to Uncle Bryan and watched others.

When Kelsey used the ski jacket, Taylor Faith wore the cow costume and kept Grandma company in the ski lodge!  Out on the slopes, the real skiing novice that day, Austyn Grace, became a fan!

Later that afternoon AG, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Stacey got on the chair lift,, and AG skied w/ help!


How does a young skier relax after a day on the slopes? She joins her cousins to dance and run under the bubbles cascading over the bridge from the battery-operated bubble machine!



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