Twelve Days of Christmas — Day Twelve

Take one look at Grandma’s eyes and you’ll know that crawling out of bed before 7 AM for almost two weeks had caught up with her!

AG still loved playing games that we made up. Today we were both elves in Santa’s workshop. To make toys for poor children who might not get anything for Christmas, we reached in under the covered portion of the tub, and splashed water furiously as if we were hammering and putting toys together. Grandma: “Do we have enough toys”? AG: “Not yet, Grandma. Lots of poor children need toys. Let’s build dolls now.”

After the “raisin finger test,” Grandma insisted we get out of the hot tub and that AG warm up in an over-sized towel.  After Grandma combed detangler through all AG’s curls, we colored for a while, and then played some amazing distortions of Rummikub, Boggle and Uno.

Studying letters, numbers and colors came easily as we arranged the tiles and cards from those games

Later that day we unveiled the finished stepping stones each granddaughter had designed on January first.

Carefully tapping the stones out of the molds, AG proclaimed them “Beautiful, Grandma.”

Taylor Faith had managed to get both hands printed in her stone; AG won the award for using the most jeweled stones, and Kelsey had the smallest hand print. “If you come here this summer, AG, you’ll see these in the garden,” said Grandma.

Here on Winding Ridge, Grandma and Grandpa have joined with a few neighbors to have dinner together one night a week.

This Wednesday night, four neighbors would come to share our spaghetti dinner, with Miss Joan bringing a great salad to go along with the hot garlic bread and fancy cheesecake Grandma had.

AG likes helping, whether cooking or setting the table. But when folks left, the suitcases came out and Grandpa started to pack the Jeep for our Georgia journey.

Inside, AG tucked the dolly Uncle Ken and Aunt Sandi had given her by her side. Dolly and little girl began the night in Grandma and Grandpa’s bed; not even the camera’s flash bothered sleeping beauty.

Brie chose the pillow on the couch. Later, AG joined Brie on the sofa bed in the living room, and Grandma and Grandpa reclaimed their bed. With a heart filled to overflowing, Grandma thanked the Lord for all His mercy and grace in these twelve days of Christmas.



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