Looking at Lent

A toddler discovers the world via her five senses. Experiences teach her many things. Kelsey knows that she can count to three and then launch herself into her Mommy’s or Daddy’s arms. She trusts them to catch her every time.

Now that we are here with her, reintroduced into her world, we have to allow her time to know and trust us. Grandpa’s sense of fun and ability to race her around the house like a human torpedo make the transition quite simple.

From my wheelchair, I observed Kelsey’s trust as she jumped into Bryan’s arms at the end of a busy afternoon in the park. Exhausted, she trusted her earthly father to carry her home.

I began to think of all that she will encounter as she grows up. I realized that there is great danger in coming to grips with all of life solely based on her own observations and experiences. Think of the cults that developed based on only the observations and experiences of their leaders!

I quietly pray for her to see her need for the transcendent in life, to realize that fame, beauty, wealth or power will not complete her. King Solomon, with unimaginable power and wealth at his disposal, realized that under the sun, all was vanity or meaningless. Wine, great projects that aided in transportation and communication advances, women by the score, great building projects, and fame that spread his name all over the known world of his day brought only discontent.

This Lent, I look at the idols I have set up in my life, the things I think complete me. I confess to Christ what poor substitutes I have allowed to dominate my thinking, and I cry for mercy from my heavenly Father.

One thought on “Looking at Lent

  1. Still seems strange to see Bryan as a dad. Kelsey truly is precious!
    Enjoy Hawaii! Time to pick your next desired vacation spot and get Brent to move there for a few years!
    Always good to hear from you,


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