Lent: Investing in Worship

TF gymnasticsDave and I drove all day — that’s 10 and a half hours in the Jeep –and arrived in Statesboro in time to catch Taylor Faith in her toddlers’ gymnastics class.

She arrived at the gym wearing her favorite pink leotard, definitely making her 2-year-old fashion statement. The equipment and instructors were all in place for her to get the most from her time there.

And while this photo captures one of her favorite poses, but not her parents’, she has to leave the beloved finger sucking stance behind when she works to truly participate in the activities involved in the 45-minute session.

By contrast, Taylor Faith’s more focused older sister, Austyn Grace, had just been moved up a class. She listened, watched the instructors and other classmates, and made real efforts to master the new tasks displayed.

While we encouraged both girls through the class, I thought of a comparison that fits this Lenten season.

Some folks will attend church this Easter Sunday, as they do at Christmas, and then write off church because they “got nothing out of it.”  Some folks don the right clothes and make a big deal of arriving at church, but they have come for the wrong reasons.

May the Lord grant us all the wisdom to see that worship is about GOD, not ourselves. Have I prepared my attitude and heart with Scripture reading, spending more time investing in worship than clothes, makeup, hair, and the big dinner? Lent teaches me to prepare for worship and not just show up, even in my cutest outfit!

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