Kelsey and Kauai

Kelsey will not remember the many introductory experiences she’s had, but her parents and grandparents will recall and treasure them. In March, as a Christmas gift to each other, Bryan, Stacey, Kelsey, Dave and I flew to the island of Kauai.

Our plan included a helicopter ride that would begin on the east side of the island, sweep over the Na Pali coast and given us premier seating to view the many waterfalls accessible from the air.

God had a different plan. Kauai had already experienced days of rain, and since both rain and winds continued on and off for the four days of our visit,  the helicopter company canceled both our attempts to see Kauai by air.

Since Stacey’s morning sickness occupies most of her days right now, and Bryan’s doctoral dissertation demands his making time to write, Dave and I volunteered to take Kelsey for Saturday and have an adventure together! Meanwhile, her folks got a day to do whatever!

For those young couples who have relatives living nearby, this sort of reprieve may happen routinely. Grandparents take the children for a day, a night, or run the grandchildren to rehearsals and practices. Parents get  small breaks without having to hire babysitters.

 Bryan had taken Kelsey out to see the sunrise that morning so Stacey could sleep a bit. He looked at his Dad and me, knowing that we knew Kelsey was cutting three teeth at the same time and said,”Really? Are you sure?” Thus, armed with hard rod pretzels, Dave, Kelsey and I set out to see the island.

We headed north to the charming town of Kapaa and had breakfast at a coffee shop; a regular there showed us the hidden stash of toys under the bench inside. Since the shop caters to adults and had no high chairs, feeding Kelsey resembled aiming food at a constantly moving target! But as we left via the front porch, a couple had a dog, so we stopped to Kelsey’s chats of “Doggie, doggie.” The couple, as well as Kelsey and the dog, immediately loved each other. With no particular schedule, grandparents can let children set the day’s pace.

The GPS and island map took us to spots such as spout. If you’ve seen Blow Hole on Oahu, think bigger and more powerful! Dave, experimenting with Bryan’s camera, snapped this photo while Kelsey enjoyed her pretzel.

At a tent kiosk here, we purchased a stuffed turtle to indulge Kelsey’s newest fascination with turtles. Pretzels and stuffed animals — great babysitting aids!

 Fabulous scenery credits go to the Creator and Controller of the universe. Psalm 29:3 says, “The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.” What am impressive demonstration of that very verse! Psalm 46:2-3 also reminds us, “Therefore we will not fear though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.”

At one point we arrived at a road overrun with flowing water. Although a car went through, we chose to park the Jeep and let Kelsey explore. “Shoes off,” she explained to her grandpa.

At first, Grandpa picked up this smiling, curly-headed one, but we relented and loved the giggles as she place her toes in the cold water. Lyrics from Holst’s Psalm 148,” a piece I was rehearsed came to me:

Lord, who hast made us for thine own,

Hear as we bow before they throne, Alleluia

Accept they children’s rev’rent praise,

For all Thy works and wondrous ways, Alleluia

Waves, rolling in on e’vry shore,

Pause at His footfalls and adore, Alleluia

Ye torrents rushing from the hills,

Bless Him Whose hand your fountains fills, Alleluia

 I have amazing memories of Kauai and a heart filled with praise for the sovereign Lord who ordained our days on that magnificent island.

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