Finding Joy

No wonder poets find inspiration in the beauty God paints with in every season! Whether the lush purple of these irises or the delicate shades captured in the wild columbine Dave transplanted into our garden, God’s colored palette calls the spirit upward.

While the stately bearded iris reminds me of healthy days, the delicate columbine captures illness for me.

I waver on some days, find myself tossed by winds that chill me rather than offer a cooling breeze that refreshes.

Yet the columbine adds to the garden, just as a person, though ill, adds to the landscape of life.

The Dutch iris makes me smile as I see form and beauty fused together.

So I view my days as part of the pattern God has in having called me to Himself.

He calls me to glorify Him regardless of my health status on any given day.So that becomes my prayer.

Like these flowers, I lift my face to His, whisper my thanks to Him for all that He has planned for my day, whether I can stand as the study iris or waft back and forth like the columbine.

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