Delicate Beauty

After  Bryan loaned a cameras to his Dad, Dave took an evening photography course in anticipation of a trip to Alaska. Our June yard gave him a ready place to practice his photographic eye.

Butterflies often provide Christians with an analogy for one’s  new birth in Christ. And  I confess to having had a long-time love affair with butterflies, so Dave took these photos for me to use on my blog. Now I need to research the names and traits of each insect.


Right now, God’s brilliant colors and nectar collection methods remind me of His Artistic Handiwork and His Gentle Touch on our lives.













The garden currently boasts a myriad of combo-colored Sweet William wild flowers.

The unique pink-reds pictured above bloomed when the Master Creator used birds, bees and butterflies to cross pollinate.

Similarly, He moves humans around the world to color others’ lives and to strengthen our faith in Him who made the greatest exchange ever on our behalf when He left heaven to live on Earth.



As the butterfly hovers poised on the flower, so the Holy Spirit calls, not with the heavy steps of a bear but with the mere stirring in the heart.


We long to see more of the Gentle Savior who sacrificed all to call us His children, to remind us to call Him Father God, or “Abba Father.”

Give praise to God for His beauty and gentleness in coming for us.


2 thoughts on “Delicate Beauty

  1. Thank you, Flo…I was looking for your blog today via FB, and just got it via email this evening. We had the zebra-striped butterfly today, Mike’s plantings of multitudinous flowers are blooming all over, and the simple act of cutting off a branch of hydrangea – and passing our loaded apple trees – brought me great joy today. I’m looking forward to more photos…. of Alaska!!


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