While We Packed: A Mountain Adventure

Friday morning found us enjoying a leisurely brunch out on the deck. Although our departure for Alaska commences soon,  Dave and I had most things washed, packed, and checked off the list.


My carry-on backpack includes my medicine, a small camera, The Milepost, a comprehensive  guide to all of Alaska, and, naturally, a journal for notes and potential blog ideas.


The packing process well in hand, I decided to wash our linens and put on fresh sheets, take wildflowers to one of our neighbors, and take some food that needed to be used to another neighbor.








Since some of our travel will involve a trip via bush plane to land on a glacier, we need to make sure one bag weighs no more than 30 pounds. And we have been advised to layer our clothes to deal with the changing temperatures throughout the day.



So when you see Alaskan photos of us wearing the same clothes, just realize that we will use the laundromats rather than take three weeks’ worth of clothes!







I decided to relax a bit, stop checking my lists, and write a Facebook request, asking for suggestions about any “must haves” for our Alaskan adventure.


I received several practical and humorous ideas within a short time.









Suddenly a sharp knock at the kitchen door got my attention as our closet neighbor wanted us to see the rattlesnake in her driveway!



Thus an uneventful afternoon of packing became quite an adventure!

We got on the ATV and rode to our neighbor’s driveway to investigate what turned out to be a timber rattlesnake.

And, yes, that timber rattler, is really what Dave has by the tail here. Do you think he’s become a mountain man?

Bring on Alaska!

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