Close encounters in Alaska

20120619-212048.jpgKincaid Park in Anchorage seemed like a hike the four of us could navigate. The sun warmed our layered clothing, Dave held a steady hand on my wheelchair, and the biking/hiking path called our names. Less than a quarter mile down the paved path, a woman told us that just down the way, her husband and she has seen a moose. Her hubby’s shutter still clicking, she had hustled back up the trail.
We forged on ahead and, sure enough, we soon had this up close and personal with Mr. Moose. Thankfully, we did not anger this male; later information held some grave warnings for novices wandering on Alaskan pathways!

20120619-213403.jpgThe next encounter occurred at Girdwood; here we took the tram at Alyeska’s Resort so we could have a June snowball fight! I loved watching Dave run through the snow, camera in hand, having the time of his life.

20120619-214247.jpg This morning’s encounter involved about 30 pictures of these magnificent bald eagles as they soared over the Kenai Mountains. Our hotel room at Land’s End overlooks snow-covered mountains and glaciers, and reminds me of God’s grandeur. The Lord truly meets us each day here in Alaska, just as He does no matter where we live!

One thought on “Close encounters in Alaska

  1. Wow — can’t help but smile at your wonderful adventures! and they are just beginning! Picturing Dave frolicking in the snow really brings a grin to my face! So happy that you are having a wonderful time, fulfilling dreams together there in Alaska!


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