Alaska Adventures 1


OK, we really didn’t go for a dogsled ride, but posed at tram’s end at Ayleska’s Resort just to make the kids and grands smile when they see us. When the phone rings in Hawaii, Kelsey says, “Grandpa? Grandma?” And our Georgia granddaughters laughed when we told them Grandpa threw a snowball at Grandma in Cordova on June 23.


Both Jeanne and I have fallen hard for the playful sea otters that float on their backs in these frigid waters and happily wave their paws at all who pass by. If we have to rise for the ferry ride early in the morning, one look over Prince William Sound at these happy creatures makes us smile.


One excursion out of Seward netted Dave some amazing pictures of humpback whales, puffins, and some great shots of Stellar sea lions playing king of the rock by pushing others into the water.


The Scripture reminds me that heavens declare the glory of the Lord, but hearing and watching the calving of a glacier stunned me with the sheer power. Nothing had prepared me for the majestic beauty of the glaciers. And the volume rumbled, sometimes like thunder, gun shots, or a locomotive. When the ship’s captain marveled about the high number of calvings we had seen that day, he said, “Let’s hear it for the glaciers.” My quiet response? “Let’s hear it for the God who created those glaciers.”

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